»Far Eastern medicine meets modern technology«

Jade car seat cushion infrared thermal therapy

Jade car seat cushion infrared thermal therapy

This car seat cushion allows you to feel fresh after a long drive.
Among other things, the device is of great advantage for professional drivers (truck, bus, taxi), as a permanent equipment and can be used in any car.
This is a health product of the new kind, developed according to traditional Chinese medicine, combined with modern technology. Cherish the infrared thermal therapy function in the traditional Chinese way.
Your body is gently worked through, blood circulation of the body meridians is accelerated, muscles are relaxed, pain is relieved, fatigue, immobility (eg because of long sitting) are eliminated and natural revitalizing powers get awakened.

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Product description:

Arrive fresh at the destination
Stay fresh while driving
Infrared therapy in the car
Relief of back pain and moderate joint pain
Relaxation of stiff back & muscles
Lumbar support

Technical specifications:

115 infrared ray jade stones
6 performance levels
Dimensions: 97 x 45 cm
Weight: 5.3 kg
Power supply from the car adapter
Delivered with control panel and car adapter

Jade car seat cushion infrared thermal therapy