»Far Eastern medicine meets modern technology«

Deava Multifuntional Mini Vibro Massagers

Multifuntional Mini Vibro Massagers

Mini vibro massagers for body shoulder neck back, waterproof.

The compact massager for the whole body. It can be used anywhere: at home, in the bathroom or any other water (massger is waterproof), on the way, in beauty salons, fitness centers, lounges etc.
This is a health product of the new kind, developed according to traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern technology. Cherish the vibrational massage function in the traditional Chinese way.
Your body is gently worked through. Regenerating powers of the body and blood circulation of the body meridians get accelerated. Muscles get relaxed. Pain, fatigue, immobility (eg because of prolonged sitting) get released.

Engoy a relaxing and intense massage without any appointment!

Product description:

Original modern design, user friendly, easy to use and portable
Powered by 3 AAA batteries
Color green

Multifuntional Mini Vibro Massagers