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Deava Massage Fat Burning Waist Belt

Massage Fat Burning Waist Belt

Warm vibration massage waist belt provides an innovative way to burn belly fat, to stimulate blood circulation and lymph drainage. Thanks to this revolutionary combination of pleasant thermal massage and intensive vibrations the body finds inner resources to produce more energy and vitality. Regular belly massage reduces stress level, so you feel less tired and more motivated.

Product description:

  • Intensive massage in the abdominal area
    The built-in heat function promotes blood circulation and ensures well-being
    Easy to use, easy to transport
    Elegant shape

Technical specifications:

4 intensity levels
2 powerful vibrators
An airbag on each side for convenience
Heating function
Power input: 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz, output: 12 V, 3000 mA, power: 60 W
Color: blue / beige
Delivery package: belt, power supply

Deava Massage Fat Burning Waist Belt