»Far Eastern medicine meets modern technology«

Deava Heat Knee and Elbow Jade Massager

Heat Knee and Elbow Jade Massager

Warm vibration knee and elbow massager offers an innovative alternative in the field of treatment of joint arthrosis. The traditional methods – surgery or electrotherapy – could be substituted by a regular use of the thermal joint massager.
Heat Knee and Elbow Massager with in-built valuable jade stones is a prominent example of the unique and successful combination of modern Western technology and proven effects of Far Eastern medicine. Your knee and elbow joints will be gently massaged and you will feel how vital powers of your body are awakening.

Product description:

  • Fits knee, elbow and shoulder joints
    Performs intensive massage in the joint area
    The built-in heat function promotes blood circulation and ensures well-being
    Can be freely adjusted to different sizes
    Easy to use, easy to transport

Technical specifications:

Warm function up to max. 55 C / 10 min
4 heat-emitting jade stones
Filling: bamboo charcoal
Timer on 5/10/15 min
LITHIUM battery 2300 mAh – enough for about 1.5 hours.